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Friday, July 6, 2007

Why pain?

I have been bearing the pain
Even before birth !
Firstly, for nine months
In the womb of my mother
Then, while coming in the world
Though, I have some solace
Of not feeling the pain
During my childhood
My pain(s) started increasing
With my growth
Now that I am a fully grown man
My pain has reached its peak
Oh! Almighty
Do you derive pleasure
By giving pain to your own creations
As, if and when I die,
To merge in you,
I dread the feeling of pain
Even at that stage!!


Don't be surprised deaf & dumb tree
If I offer my blood to you,instead of water!
Don't think I have gone mad
Don't pity my wisdom
I'm only doing this b'cause of farsightedness
And, offering my blood,
Keeping in view the future of mankind
As,every moment
Human's thirst for blood is increasing
And, human's blood is becoming one's diet
Then who'll eat your fruits tomorrow?
Who'll praise you for offering your fruits,
Even after being hit?
I'm offering my blood only b'cause
When you'll bear fruits filled with blood
Then, at least human's thirst for blood will be fulfilled
And, no one would kill the mankind and humanity
For the sake of blood!!